Why would you want a photo booth?

Is your event supposed to be forgotten?

I don’t know about you, but if I am putting together an event, I want people to remember it! And why not? If your like me, you have put in countless hours. Each hour is to make sure that the details are right. That the invitations are cool. The meal is perfect. The entertainment is exciting. Why, so that your guests will leave knowing they had a great time. If not, then why even have the event? You know what helps? A Photo Booth.

How does a Photo Booth help?

Simple really. A photo booth allows people to take an enhanced selfie. And we all know how popular selfies are (Instagram much?). Guests at your event will line up to take awesome pictures (sometimes with props) that help commemorate the event. They can take all kinds of pictures, gifs, slo mo, video, and yes enhanced selfies (meaning it has more than one person in it, lol).

Even better is that the pictures guests take can be shared with the world. And you know what they say, “Happiness shared is happiness doubled.” You could say that a Photo Booth fills the world with happiness ;).  Don’t believe me? Check out this NY Times article. You know what they say, “If its on the Internet, then it must be true.”

OK, I believe you, but the photo booth must be expensive right?

I am not sure that you can put a price on happiness, am I right? Unfortunately we all have budgets to work with. Well great news, we have options that should fit your budget. We can even add items A-la-carte.  So really, there is no reason to not make your event an even BIGGER success.

Check out our prices and don’t wait. Book a Photo Booth today. It will be the best addition to your event!